In 2019, nearly 20% of the United States suffered from excessive drinking problems. These problems also link closely to violent crimes, premature death, and injury. However, these injuries do not just affect alcoholics, but the people around

There is no positive outcome that results from drug use. Not only does drug use degrade one’s body, but it also: Ravages health Ruins relationships with loved ones Decreases quality of life Reduces personal wealth Increases risk

Lawmakers in Nashville are discussing strategies to help children of families where there is drug or opioid abuse that is prevalent in the household. According to Senator Rusty Crowe of Johnson City, lawmakers must determine the right

Addiction can affect anyone regardless of their age, family history, financial status, or race. Even trying a drug one time could lead to dependence. A popular drug that people often abuse is codeine, which is a prescription

Many of us have friends or family members that have suffered from substance abuse disorder and struggled to overcome their addiction and completely recover. It’s not uncommon for recovering addicts to relapse at some point, especially if

Individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder oftentimes also struggle with mental health problems, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and/or anxiety. When this happens, professionals refer to this as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Trying to overcome