Addicts generally fall into their addiction because of difficulties in life that drive them over the edge; but arguably, the true greatest challenge arises later as an addict initially enters a life of sobriety. Though already immensely

Mocktails are a fun way to socialize with others by enjoying a fun beverage without alcohol. From the specialty glasses to the recipe of juices and mixers, mocktails are exactly like a cocktail except for the leave

If someone starts vomiting or stops breathing, there’s a good chance they’ve overdosed on drugs or alcohol. The prerequisites and effects of an overdose vary greatly based on the substance someone takes, yet all overdoses are terrifying

America’s opioid crisis permeates every level of society—over 75 percent of all employers have been affected by opioids in the workplace, yet less than a third of these same employers feel adequately prepared to handle the issue.

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In recovery, community is paramount. Through wars, natural disasters and pandemics, the communal transmission of our principles has and will continue to pass physical and emotional sobriety from one alcoholic/ addict to another. We will accept today’s

Addiction can be often described as a time of isolation for many. Substances such as opium, stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens exist to ease pain, including potential stress, relationship problems, and physical problems. Furthermore, in an ironic twist,