The opioid epidemic has made finding a way to help those who are addicted recover from their addiction a high priority. It is important that the treatments which are used are safe, effective, and powerful. When an

Alcohol use disorder is the term medical professionals use to describe individuals who have no self-control over their alcohol consumption. Most individuals suffering from this disorder believe they are unable to function properly without drinking. Becoming dependent

When the time comes to face rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment, many addicts face the same fears. The apprehension of confronting friends and family, the dread of detoxification, and the pressure of group therapy. Group therapy gathers

Many universal feelings and mental illnesses recur among many different addicts, such as depression, shame, guilt, and anger. Every addict experiences these struggles differently, however. For some, their feelings of depression trigger the addiction, while for others

Understanding and caring for others is the basis for strong relationships and healthy interactions. When you don’t try to understand others or if you are unable to grasp the feelings that another person is experiencing, your behavior

The region of rural Appalachia has been hit very hard by the opioid epidemic and this area has the largest concentration of individuals addicted to opioids in the country. There are many reasons why people living in

Experimenting with drugs is common amongst teenagers and young adults due to the euphoric feelings most drugs temporarily produce. However, the feeling of the drug distracts users from it’s long-term and possibly permanent effects on the body.

Addiction can affect anyone at any age, regardless of family history and economic status. Many Americans start off by using drugs recreationally, but they fail to realize that taking a drug once is enough to become addicted.

Addiction is acquainted with various negative feelings that cloud our perception: anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and most of all shame. Oftentimes we will go out of our way to hide these feelings when suppressing said feelings actually

Anxiety is a crippling feeling of worry, unease, and apprehension of life and the world around us. Everyone deals with anxiety to some degree, but anxiety levels are higher than ever in today’s society. Every year, over