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After stopping the use of an addictive substance, significant changes can occur to your circadian rhythm. What exactly happens regarding our sleep patterns during a withdrawal? Undergoing detoxification from illicit substances and alcohol does change sleep routines.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Klonopin can be addictive. Regular use can easily lead to dependence that can then trigger dangerous withdrawal symptoms. But, there are ways to stop taking Klonopin safely. We review them here. ESTIMATED READING TIME: 5 minutes

Even though we can legally drink at age 21, our brains continue to grow well into our mid-twenties. For weeks to months after ceasing heavy drinking of alcohol, a teenager’s brain will still have difficulty working properly.

The first step towards recovery is for addicts to acknowledge a problem exists that they can’t control and what they want to obtain help. Some addicts have been in and out of treatment and are familiar with