Contrary to popular belief, it is not uncommon to fall into relapse and feel old drug cravings rekindle after completing a rehab process. In fact, relapse for substance abuse disorders occurs to up to 60% of recovering

Alcohol is a substance commonly associated with adverse nuances—it can be highly addictive, indirectly influence abuse, and create a myriad of health problems. In fact, alcohol often symbolizes many negative ideas such as the seven deadly sins

Alcoholism is not a choice and facing the consequences as an addict is a taxing ordeal. Among these consequences is the effect it has friends, family, business associates, and others. Spouses are often the greatest victims of

Paddling through the struggles of drug and alcohol addiction is an undeniable feat. No matter how long the addiction or recovery, every addict’s journey is circumstantial and worthy of admiration. While it is crucial to prioritize recovery

We have all, at one point or another discovered that something we held to be true was actually false. Like when you learned that going outside with a wet head will not cause you to catch a

Drug abuse at any age is never healthy, but it is especially unhealthy for adolescent children. Not only is it illegal, but drug abuse in teens can cause permanent damage to their developing minds and bodies. Substance

On the surface, some drug addicts might seem like completely normal people. In many cases, they still very much are. But as you become closer to one, you may notice strange behaviors—some that are even unacceptable. Perhaps

As you might expect, drug addicts tend to be neglectful of their health. They not only avoid personal responsibilities but hurt ties to family and friends as well as mental and emotional health. Drugs in excess can