We have all, at one point or another discovered that something we held to be true was actually false. Like when you learned that going outside with a wet head will not cause you to catch a

If you or someone you know is about to attempt recovery from alcohol addiction, chances are the first step towards recovery will be detox. The detoxification process is the method of cleansing all alcohol from your system,

Pregnancy can be one of the most vital and sensitive times in a woman’s life—every mental and physical decision counts in making sure the fetus grows into a healthy, happy baby. For example, you may have a

Being able to determine drug and alcohol addiction and how severe it is can be difficult. It is easy to dismiss people’s worries as an overreaction, and assure yourself “I don’t drink that often,” but it is

When considering drug or alcohol treatment, many concerns come to mind regarding the risks of checking into a rehabilitation center. Some individuals have family obligations to worry about, such as children, pets, or even parents. Others may

Recovery is a major and challenging undertaking for any addict, and the many steps to it can be intimidating. There are a number of steps involved, including checking into rehab, being psychologically and physically tested, going through

Drug and alcohol addictions prove to be challenging psychological struggles for the addicts who fall victim to them. Simply identifying the addiction, accepting the need for treatment, and actually taking the steps towards recovery are all challenging

It is easy to make assumptions about other people and what their problems are like—especially for drug addicts. They are troubled individuals who fight with a mental disorder that is commonly looked down upon. It can be

No one is immune to alcohol addiction, regardless of their personality, age, background, or even biological gender. But how much can these factors contribute to your addiction and how much you drink? And how much does it

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