Cultural influence has transformed many myths and false assumptions into the common perception of how others experience addiction. Because of this, understanding addiction from an outsider’s point of view can be difficult or even inaccurate. For example,

Anxiety is a crippling feeling of worry, unease, and apprehension of life and the world around us. Everyone deals with anxiety to some degree, but anxiety levels are higher than ever in today’s society. Every year, over

Paddling through the struggles of drug and alcohol addiction is an undeniable feat. No matter how long the addiction or recovery, every addict’s journey is circumstantial and worthy of admiration. While it is crucial to prioritize recovery

Drug abuse at any age is never healthy, but it is especially unhealthy for adolescent children. Not only is it illegal, but drug abuse in teens can cause permanent damage to their developing minds and bodies. Substance

On the surface, some drug addicts might seem like completely normal people. In many cases, they still very much are. But as you become closer to one, you may notice strange behaviors—some that are even unacceptable. Perhaps

As you might expect, drug addicts tend to be neglectful of their health. They not only avoid personal responsibilities but hurt ties to family and friends as well as mental and emotional health. Drugs in excess can

While learning to drive, chances are you were lectured about how driving under the influences of alcohol can be dangerous. You have seen PSA after PSA on television or have been the designated driver among your group.