Alcohol is a substance commonly associated with adverse nuances—it can be highly addictive, indirectly influence abuse, and create a myriad of health problems. In fact, alcohol often symbolizes many negative ideas such as the seven deadly sins

Addiction is defined as a “treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences.” An addict is a person suffering from this medical disease, whether addicted to drugs,

There are many connections to be made with alcohol and addiction: mental and physical health issues, divorce, and abuse, among others. Some are well-known such as liver disease, while others are lesser-known such as links to depression

Recovery is a difficult but crucial process to undertake when choosing a life of sobriety. Many hurdles stand between an addict and their addiction, even post-recovery. Any addict, even ones with straightforward and effective recoveries, may struggle

Alcoholism is not a choice and facing the consequences as an addict is a taxing ordeal. Among these consequences is the effect it has friends, family, business associates, and others. Spouses are often the greatest victims of

Handling your own addiction can be difficult with its many trials and tribulation–resisting temptations, mood swings, experiencing withdrawals, and the health complications that come with them. One of the most difficult challenges is approaching and discussing your

Relationships of all kinds—be it friendships, familial relationships, professional relationships, or especially romantic relationships—are not always easy to maintain. All relationships require communication, dedication, a sense of fairness, with a great sense of honesty and openness. Drug

As science advances, we find ourselves worrying about genetics and inheritance on a normal basis, wondering what diseases we might be at risk for. We do the research, we look at our family history, and we adopt

No one ever said parenting was easy. There will always be hard times in raising a child down the right path and helping them through the troubles they experience. Some kids may find themselves in the wrong